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5 unique things you don't know about Pune's first test between India and Australia

23, Feb 2017 By sagarcasm

Pune is hosting its first-ever Test match at MCA Stadium, between 23 and 27 February. This historic moment for the city’s cricket fans comes 82 years after the MCA was established in 1934. Since, it is the first test match in Pune, the city’s culture will be reflected in the match. Let us look at the 5 unique things about this match:

5. The players will rest between 1 pm to 4 pm


4. The teams will get Bhakarwadi and Misal-Pav for breakfast
3. Mango Mastaani will be served during drinks break
2. The bowler will have to appeal in pure Marathi to get LBW wicket
1. The Man of the match can get admission of his kids in Symbiosis College in the future without donation