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6 simple ways to decide the next CM of Tamil Nadu

08, Feb 2017 By sagarcasm

Tamil Nadu’s politics took a new twist last night when O Panneerselvam claimed at a news conference that Jayalalithaa’s soul had asked him to speak the truth. The truth was that he was forced to step down as CM and he did it to prevent a split in the AIADMK. Currently, both Panneerselvam and Sasikala want to be the CM of Tamil Nadu, while AIADMK members are divided on the issue. In this situation, Faking News brings you 6 simple ways to decide the next CM of Tamil Nadu:

6. Coin Toss – Heads Sasikala, Tails Panneerselvam
5. Spin the Bottle – The bottle will point to the winner
4. Supreme Court Mandate – Lodha Panel will decide who becomes the CM
3. Odd Even – Sasikala becomes the CM on odd days, Panneerselvam on even days
3 (1)
2. De-thronetization – The post of CM no longer remains legal, no one becomes the CM
2 (1)
1. Rajinikanth decides who will become the CM
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