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7 special features of Samajwadi Smartphone being distributed by Akhilesh Yadav

12, Oct 2016 By sagarcasm

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Monday launched the Samajwadi Party smart phone yojana in Lucknow yesterday. The state government has launched a website where people can register to be enrolled under the scheme. Unlike regular smartphones, the Samajwadi Smartphone will have some special pre-loaded features by UP government. Here are some of its best features:

7. To signify the crime rate in UP, the Default Ringtone of the Samajwadi Smartphone will be Gun Shot


6. Teenage boys will not be able to use the Samajwadi Smartphone, because it causes Rape according to                Azam Khan


5. The phone will have pre-loaded videos of Saifai Mahotsav 


4.  The phone will get charged through Solar charger because of the 24×7 power-cut in rural UP 


3. The phone will come with a buffalo detecting sensor to ensure you never lose your buffaloes


2. Every “Family Group” created on WhatsApp on these phones will have a Mulayam Singh family’s member as the group admin


1. The phone will not only be waterproof but also spit-proof