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8 Blockbuster movies you didn't know Govinda rejected

31, Jul 2019 By sagarcasm

Avatar was just the tip of the iceberg. Govinda also rejected these Blockbuster movies:

  1. Govinda rejected Men In Black because he likes colorful clothes

1 (4)2. Govinda rejected the James Bond series because Bond is 007 and he likes no. 1

2 (2)

3. Govinda rejected The Hangover because he wanted David Dhawan to direct it

3 (2)

4. Govinda rejected Titanic because he was feeling ‘jaada’ and Rose didn’t move the ‘khatiya’

4 (2)

5. Govinda rejected Hobbs & Shaw because they didn’t cast Sanjay Dutt as his co-actor

5 (2)

6. Govinda rejected Jurassic Park because its director didn’t agree on a dance sequence with the dinosaur

6 (1)

7. Govinda rejected The Terminator because the character did not have any expression

7 (1)

8. Govinda rejected The Avengers because he wasn’t sure if he should pick Marvel or DC

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