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8 things you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S8

29, Mar 2017 By sagarcasm

Korean electronics giant Samsung will launch its new Samsung S8 smartphone today. As is customary with big smartphone launches, there have been rumors and speculations doing the rounds along with leaked images of the phone. Here are the top 8 things that insiders from Samsung have informed us:

8. 6.5 inches screen – you can also use it as a table tennis racquet

8 and featured

7. It will be waterproof, dust-proof, bullet-proof but not fire-proof


6. Qualcomm ‘Snap dragon’ 835 processor – The dragon will emit fire


5. The phone has been tested in advanced labs of ISIS


4. Pre-installed movies will include – Daag the Fire and RGV ki Aag


3. Pre-installed games will include – Samsung Hang-man and Galaxy On Fire


2. A fire safety manual will be provided inside the phone’s box


1. If you pre-book the phone, you will get a fire-extinguisher free