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8 Yoga positions you should know if you commute in Mumbai Local Trains

21, Jun 2018 By sagarcasm

Are you a daily Mumbai train commuter? On #InternationalDayOfYoga2018, Faking News brings you 8 Yogasanas that will make your life easier:

Daudasana -Lets you catch train on time

1 (2)

Dhakkasana – Creates space even in jam packed places

Ardhbaithakasana – Improves balance while sitting half on 4th seat

3 (1)

Raadasana – Helps you fight and get a seat


Bandrasana – Helps you get down at Bandra during peak hours

Ajay Devgnasana – Helps you position your neck during extreme crowd


Milkhasana – Helps you run when you see a TC


Latkasana – Creates balance when you hang by the door with one hand on the pole