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How celebrities celebrated Teachers Day

06, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

This teachers’ day, let’s see who were the teachers of these eight celebrities at one point in their lives.

1. Politician turned Comedian, Rahul Gandhi is a teacher for many but Russel Peters claims to have learnt the most from him


2. China, popular for seizing land in other countries is one of the disciples of Mr. Robert Vadra


3. One of the greatest sprinters of all times, Usain Bolt wished M S Dhoni this teacher’s day. Usain Bolt believes that Dhoni can beat him if he has has to hold a bat and run


4. Recently jailed, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim claims to be the coach of Virat Kohli at one point of time. Virat Kohli wished Gurmeet Ram Rahim this teacher’s day through a tweet


5. Greatest spinner of all times, Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai have been a mentor to many spinners, but R Ashwin seems to have learn the most from him. R Ashwin wished R Sardesai

6. Known for sending unnecessary emails, managers and team leads across the nation wished Kangna Ranaut on teacher’s day


7. Politics of quitting and blaming was started by none other than Arvind Kejriwal and if there’s someone who’s continuing his legacy then he’s Kapil Mishra. Kapil Mishra wished Arvind Kejriwal on teacher’s day


8. If there’s an app that can tell you about various countries of the world then it must be named after PM Narendra Modi. And that’s the reason Google Earth wished Modi on teacher’s day