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List of 10 Padma Awards Recipients

25, Jan 2017 By sagarcasm

The theme of the prestigious Padma awards this year seems to be ‘Unsung Heroes’. The awardees will include accomplished personalities who have done stellar work in their field, but did not get any recognition. Here’s the list of the 10 Padma Award recipients of this year :

10. Sajid Khan – For not making any movie this year


9. Hardik Pandya for inventing “Staright Drive To Third Man” shot


8. Baba Siddhiqui for making peace between the Khan superstars on regular basis


7. Yami Gautam for bringing light in most parts of India


6. Sandeep Kumar for making ration cards through innovative techniques


5. Shikhar Dhawan for being faster than Usain Bolt while coming back to the pavilion


4. Raj Thackeray for stopping intrusion of Pakistani actors in India


3. Rahul Gandhi for solving poverty issue by calling it a state of mind3

2. Arvind Kejriwal’s doctor for finally curing his cough


1. Narendra Modi’s pilot for working non-stop

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