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Top 5 reactions every time news channels say " PM Modi to make an announcement"

07, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

If there’s something that scares people more than “We need to talk” from their loved ones then it is “PM Modi to make an announcement”.

Here we are presenting you the top 5 reactions every time news channels say ” PM Modi to make an announcement”.

Standing in a queue. Whether Demonetization killed black money is arguable but it certainly instilled one good quality in us. That is to be patient while standing in queue.


Panic. Soon after Modi’s announcement, CM Arvind Kejriwal announced protest across the country. Though protest failed like his party but Modi’s announcement still gives panic attacks to a few.


Memes. Whether it is Modi addressing people or Modi visiting foreign countries, both come with pros, cons and memes. Social media addicts start preparing memes everytime Modi is about to make an announcement.


Congress saying it was our idea. Arguably, PM Modi’s every scheme is modified Congress’ schemes. Hence, Congress is always ready to take the credit. If tomorrowModi announces that Ram Mandir will be built, Congress will say “We initiated the construction”


Gigs. Standup comedians treat this is an opportune moment to come with their new gigs as Modi’s every announcement comes with “Desh ke liye kariye or Modi ji bol rahe to kuch to accha hoga”