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Top six things you must do while you are sleeping

12, Nov 2014 By idiot420

We all love to sleep and most of us spend around one third of our life span sleeping. But rarely we give it the same amount of attention which we give to the rest two third of the time which we spend on the Earth.

For a change, don’t scare the hell out of ghosts who are trying to horrify you. (pic source)

Just because while sleeping our consciousness is completely or partially lost doesn’t mean we should throw away such a big chunk of our life just like that, instead we should try to make the most out of it.

Here are six things we must try or experience to add a bit of life to our sleeping and make it more fun and if possible, productive too.

1. Try to look like a baby while sleeping: As they say, sleep like a baby. But we should also try to look like a baby while sleeping. Going by the photographs that our friends click while we are asleep, most of us know that normally we look like a zombie while sleeping. Why such an apathy towards our own body language and facial expression? Just because we are sleeping? Just like you pout while you are awake to get that Angelina Jolie look, or strain your eyes to look like Hritik, try a little and look like baby.

2. Lower the AC temperature and sleep without putting over a blanket: Let your loved ones see you sleeping innocently. When they will put on the blanket over you, it will create such a filmy and emotional scene. Get that recorded by placing a camera at a secret point and watch it the next morning. You will definitely cry and feel the warmth of relationship. Maybe you will even feel like a character straight out of Karan Johar’s movie. And no, it’s not Paranormal Activity, it’s totally normal.

3. Don’t fart while sleeping: If you are known as a classy and a sophisticated person in the real world, who never farts loudly and only lets the air out surreptitiously, why risk your image while sleeping? Behave like a gentleman and try not to get involved in such activities even if no one is watching or listening to you. And even if under serious circumstances you have to do it, wake up immediately and say ‘Excuse me’.

4. Use Feviquick to glue your eyelids together: This is only for hardcore sleep lovers. It’s like locking yourself up with your love interest in a room and throwing away the key. Glue together your eyelids and go to sleep. Let the alarm clock ring. It will stop of its own and don’t ring again if you can’t open your eyes? If you close your eyes, the problems go away. Think about it; you have been taking this approach in your life while awake.

5. Try to watch some movie while asleep: If you know the art of sleeping while keeping your eyes partially open, this thing is for you. What’s the use of keeping your eyes open and staring at some random stuff lying in the room? Better play some movie and let your eyes watch it. You can use this opportunity to watch that horror movie, which you would not have dared to watch while awake.

6. Try to achieve all your goals in dreams: Learn lucid dreaming, where you become conscious while dreaming. Do all those things, which you can’t do in real life, fulfill all your desires. If possible, extend your sleeping duration to 23 hours a day. Make your dream your reality. Achieve 100 percentile in CAT. Propose your crush. Even if she rejects you in your dream, try to make some changes in her mind. Go for that inception.