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25% voting in Madhya Pradesh is due to selfies: Election Commission

29, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

CM Shivraj Singh’s claim that the high voter turnout in Madhya Pradesh was due to vikas mantra has been punctured by the latest report of the Election Commission.

As per the report, almost 25% of the voters came to vote to click selfies of their inked fingers, to be shared later on social media. “Delays at most polling booths were not due to faulty EVMs as reported in the media. It was due to voters taking queuing to take selfies. Our officers had to physically remove them from the booths,” said an election officer.

Of the 75% voter turnout, almost half were first time voters. Faking News reporter Pankaj Sharma spoke to Dimpy, a college student and fist time voter, on her experience. “I don’t remember which party I voted for, but I did manage to take few selfies. I have shared the pictures on all of my Whatsapp group and also my Instagram account,” she said.

This was the case with most voters and reporters hoping to get a sense of the voting trend for exit poll stats found themselves scratching their heads. “Not many could remember which party they voted for. All our exit poll numbers have gone for a toss.

Election Commission is now planning to ban smartphones in 2km radius of polling booth to curb the menace of selfies. Many however feel that the EC is being harsh on youngsters when just a warning would suffice. “Yeh ko koi NIck-Priyanka ki shaadi hai kya jo smartphone ban kar denge,” questioned a youngster, clearly unhappy with the EC’s decision.

Story Credit: Pankaj Sharma