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BJP promises double digit increment for all IT workers if they are voted to power again

29, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: In a move likely to see ruling BJP sweep urban areas, the party has promised double digit increment for everyone working in the IT sector. Double digit increment is generally regarded as a Unicorn or aliens in Indian IT sector, something that has been heard about often but never seen, but BJP has promised that they will make it a reality.

Narendra Modi

Speaking to the press, party spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “Back in 2007, Modi Ji had met an IT Engineer, at that time, he told Modi Ji that his annual salary is 3 lakhs 20 thousands, then Modi Ji met him again recently and asked about his salary and he told Modi Ji that his annual package now is 3 Lakhs 50 thousands. This really shocked Modi Ji and he came to know about this problem of low increments in the IT sector.”

“Now because of code of conduct, we can’t do anything but if BJP is voted to power, each and everyone working in the IT sector will be given double digit increments. The chowkidars employed by these organisations may even get triple digit increments. We are not doing it looking at the elections, we genuinely feel that this is a pain point that needs to be addressed”, Mr. Patra said.

As per sources, BJP has sent letters to all the HR managers working in IT sector, asking them to halt their preparations for Diwali, and come to Delhi for a meeting where the details of this increment scheme can be thrashed out.

Meanwhile, Congress has dismissed this promise by BJP as an election gimmick and Party President Rahul Gandhi has said that Congress will bring in a “Right to On-Site” if they form the government after the elections.