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After following the campaign, Man decides not to vote for Godse, Savarkar, Nehru or Rajiv Gandhi

16, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: The campaign for Lok Sabha elections is in its final stages and an undecided voter from Chandigarh has finally made up his mind about his voting choice. Having followed the entire campaign, Arvind Kumar from Maloya village in Chandigarh has decided that he will not cast his vote for Nathuram Godse or Veer Savarkar or Jawaharlal Nehru or Rajiv Gandhi.

Speaking to the survey team of Faking News, Mr. Arvind said, “I was following the entire campaign closely to see who should get my vote and after watching the entire campaign, my mind is made up. I won’t be giving my vote to these gentlemen as they are very bad choices, something I discovered during the campaign. I didn’t really come to know who should get my vote but now that I know who shouldn’t, it should be an easy enough choice at the polling booth.”

“Godse was apparently a terrorist, Savarkar didn’t contribute much to our freedom struggle, Nehru did some Himalayan blunders, Rajiv Gandhi was corrupt so I agree with the campaign of the politicians, these people are not deserving of my vote. I will have to look at the alternatives on the ballot”, he added.

When we mentioned that these people aren’t contesting the elections, Arvind looked at us incredulously and told us to get out of his house for spreading Fake News.

Meanwhile, BJP and Congress were locked in a bitter feud over the drainage system in Mohenjo-daro (not the film) with each claiming credit for the efficient drainage system and asking people to vote for them based on that.