Have given enough time for tipplers to plan for dry days, EC clarifies after concern over delay in announcing election dates

11, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Yesterday the Election Commission announced dates for Lok Sabha elections which will be held in seven phases over a span of two months.


Both Congress and BJP welcomed the announcement of the dates amidst a few questions over timing of the dates.

Senior party leaders from the opposition called the delay as ‘favourable’ for the BJP.

Addressing these issues the Elections Commission released a statement to the media. The statement clarified that EC did not favour any party and the only concern it had was of tipplers not getting enough time to plan for dry days.

Speaking to Faking News the Chief Election Commissioner said, “I am not surprised that some people are accusing us of favouring the ruling party. But honestly, we were more concerned for those who have to plan their calendar for dry days. As the election will cover 2 months, habitual drinkers need to keep a tab on their alcohol and chakhna inventory.”

“We have given them a month to plan their drinking calendar. I think that should be enough for most tipplers,” he added.

The issue found its way at the post match press conference too. While answering questions about the India Australia match in Mohali, coach Ravi Shastri was besieged with questions on the elections dates.

Reporters wanted to know if the dates would ‘affect his schedule’

A livid Shastri snapped back and said, “What do you mean by my schedule? Ek baar kya haath me bottle dekh liya. Tum log toh mujhe tanki samajh rahe ho. I won’t answer any questions on dry days. As far as cricket goes, all matches will take place as planned.”