“Ladka 15 Lakh le ke nikal chuka hai”, Narendra Modi assures voters ahead of Lok Sabha elections

25, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: There has been a lot of debate over the past 5 years whether PM Narendra Modi did or did not promise 15 lakhs in every account during 2014 election campaign.


While Modi said that the black money amount abroad is so much that everyone can get 15 Lakhs in their accounts if it is brought back to India, opposition has claimed over the past 5 years that he guaranteed 15 Lakhs in every account. However, now the issue may finally get settled with Narendra Modi once again bringing up the topic of 15 lakhs.

Speaking at a rally earlier today, the Prime Minister said, “Opposition keeps asking where is 15 lakhs, where is 15 lakhs, so I want to assure my fellow Indians ki ladka 15 lakh le kar nikal chuka hai. He will be reaching your home any day now with the cheque for the same. Don’t let opposition misguide you over the same issue and press lotus again this election.”

Ladka nikal chuka hai is used by restaurants across the country when they have forgotten to prepare any order and the customer calls to enquire about the status of their order.

Food bloggers are interpreting this statement by PM Modi as an admission that he had forgotten about the 15 lakhs thing and is only now starting to look into it.

After this statement from him, feminists have attacked Narendra Modi for using ladka instead of ladki saying that this statement exposes Modi’s patriarchal mindset as he things girls aren’t responsible enough to carry the money around.

Meanwhile, Masood Azhar has requested Election Commission of India to wrap up the elections quickly as he is afraid of another airstrike on his training centres as long as elections continue in India.