'Even we are working on the same salary for last 5 years' say IT employees, after Mia Khalifa reveals that she made less money doing adult content

16, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

IT employees seem have struck a chord with Mia Khalifa. The porn star revealed that contrary to popular perception, she made very less money doing adult movies.


Many reacted with shock to the revelation that sought to dispel myths about money that is paid to adult entertainers. Employees from the IT sector in particular sympathized with Mia and said that her condition was no different than theirs.

One IT employee that our reporter spoke to was critical of the IT industry as whole. “My father and his father joined with the same starting salary of 3 lakhs per annum. And nothing has changed over the years.”

There were some employees who drew parallel between porn stars and workers in IT sector. “Besides not making enough money, they both get f**cked royally and have to show as if they are enjoying the experience. Not to mention that just like porn stars, we too have a short shelf life with the threat of lay offs always looming.”

Few even shared their salary slips on social media drawing sharp reactions from netizens. “In this day and age when hotels charge you 400 bucks for a banana and 1500 for omlette, how do employees like us survive with such paltry compensation,” questioned a senior developer working with an IT major for the last 10 years.

The widespread sympathy for Mia, got the attention of Bollywood too. Sources say that director Mahesh Bhatt who had successfully placed Sunny Leone in bollywood, on previous occasion has reached out to Mia and could offer her a role in his next project.

When Faking News tried to reach out to the director, he said, “Hey I am just trying to help someone. But the media makes it look like I am some kind of a placement agency for porn stars.”