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36 years old actress dubbed too old to play mother of 50 years old hero

13, Jun 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: An actress in her mid-thirties was super excited after she got a call from a big movie production house for screen test. The screen test was fine, the talented actress looked the part, but she lost out as the production house felt she is ‘too old’ to play mother’s role of a fifty-year old hero.


While speaking to us, the actress, Swara Pushkar said, “Casting director Mukesh bhai explained me the reason behind my exclusion from the project. It is a grand project from Kjohar production house with a budget of about two hundred crores. To de-risk the project, hero was already finalized, it is someone who has the star power to collect five hundred crores in first week box office collection”.

“So, when I went to the studio for screen test, I knew that someone of my age is not fit for heroine’s role as it is a movie about youngsters in the backdrop of college romance. Already few beauty contest winners are short listed for heroine’s role. Whatever little bit of script was available, I had gone through it, there was no elder sister or Bhabhi’s character”, said Swara.

Swara added, “When Mukesh bhai called me for mother’s role screen test, I was not all shocked. I knew, this will do wonders for my career if a big movie like this comes on my CV. I did not leave any stone unturned in my preparation for the screen test”.

“The photo sessions I had with the even-green hero went fine who in his fifties is still looking so cool in Polo T-shirts. Suddenly the director and Producer of the movie came to studio. Both felt I am looking much more mature beyond my age. In a movie made for youngsters, audience will not find the chemistry. To be fair to Mukesh Bhai, he tried with few younger looking spectacles, drastically reduced the greyness in my hair. At the end, looking at their uneasiness, I only opted out and suggested them to try some fresh face in mid-twenties for mother’s role”, said Swara.

While talking to us, Swara got a call from casting director Mukesh Bhai. She said, “Can’t believe it, Kjohar productions offered me to play grand mom’s role to the same hero in their next project”.