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5 things that you invariably find in a Hindi horror movie

12, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

If you thought that in Bollywood, only Salman Khan starrers are predictable, then you have certainly not watched enough Hindi horror movies. Faking News brings to you 5 common things that invariably every Hindi horror movie has:

Havelis like these were must haves in Ramsay bros films.
Havelis like these were must haves in Ramsay bros movies

1. Haunted House: There has to be a house where main protagonists have to shift in the beginning of the film itself because obviously the house they were already staying at was not fit for ghosts. The new house has to be either completely new or as old as Shahid Afridi. Ghosts have allergy to any property whose age falls in between.

2. That one guy who is desperate to die: Every horror film has that one character whose only purpose is to be scared as hell in life and yet do all those things that makes him the most vulnerable person to a ghost attack. Like going to the loo alone in the night, or trying to leave alone in the car towards the jungle. He would try every trick in the book to isolate himself from the group. He would also invariably be among the first few people to die.

3. Overly nonchalant protagonist: This person, normally the lead actor would appear to be the most courageous person on earth. He would ignore pleas of all people warning him about stuff like opening that dreadful door that was kept closed for 250 years. He would often project himself as the person with scientific temper and look for all rational explanations behind whatever odd things are happening. Dialogues like yeh sirf tumhara vaham hai, bhoot voot kuch nahi hota, tum thak gayi ho, tumhe aaram ki zaroorat hai etc. would be ready to come out of his mouth at any given opportunity. Finally he will go to an exorcist or tantrik.

4. Limited power of Ghosts: Howsoever frightening they may appear, but they have only limited power. They can only troll, pull your hair, strangulate you a bit when you lying on bed. They normally try to attack or kill the weakest looking character. Even if they get inside a character’s body, and are tied to bed by some tantrik, at best they can scream and make dreadful noises like Arnab Goswami, but are unable to free themselves of the chain. Somehow they don’t use all their powers to simply finish off everyone in one go.

5. Bipasha Basu: Yes, you read it right! She, by now, has starred in more than half of the horror movies released over last 10 years, ever since she made her debut in Raaz. A horror film without her now appears as incomplete as a flop film without Abhishek Bachchan.