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5 things you didn't know about Vinod Kambli

31, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Vinod Kambli lately has been in news for everything other than his cricketing achievements. The latest controversy is also not helping his reputation in any way. But Faking News goes beyond what is reported in the media to get you ‘5 Things you didnt know about Vinod Kambli’.

1- Vinod Kambli’s autobiography was released alongside Sachin’s. It was a bestseller overseas and critically acclaimed too, but here again, media chose to focus more on Sachin, leaving Kambli to read his own autobiography.

Vinod Kamblis book

2- Vinod Kambli is a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio and has sent recording of his ‘world cup crying’ video to the Hollywood star to help him perform better. Apparently, Kambli was concerned about Leonardo not winning any Oscar and thought the actors emotions were lacking.

leo kambli

3- Kambli had requested the management at Madam Tussaud to create his wax statue but they refused. Angry and upset over  this, he bought 1000 candles from the market and made his own wax statue after melting the candles.

madame tuss kambli

4- After Sachin failed to mention Kambli in his farewell speech. Kambli too threatened not to mention Sachin in his farewell.

sachin kambli

5- Vinod Kambli has acknowledged the fact that he has a ‘friend’ who looks just like him and makes an appearance after Kambli is drunk. This friend is responsible for tweeting controversial stuff and also torturing his maid.

kambli and frnd