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6 member Karni Sena panel asks for security fearing attack from Karni Sena members while watching the movie

24, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Shree Rajput Karni Sena, which has been leading protests against ‘Padmaavat’, on Tuesday named a six member panel comprising erstwhile royals and historians to watch the film ahead of its release even as fringe outfits demanded an ordinance banning the movie. Historians RS Khangarot, BL Gupta, Kapil Kumar, Roshan Sharma and erstwhile Mewar royal family member Vishwaraj Singh and erstwhile Banswara royal family member Jagmal Singh were the six persons, the Karni Sena leader said. But a greater surprise was instore when the 6 member panel asked for security from the government to protect themselves from the Karni Sena attack while watching the movie.


The fear of the Karni Sena members has not spared the Karni Sena members too. Even the members are afraid of each other. The 6 member panel has decided that they will watch the movie only after given a full proof security by the state government. Karni Sena members of the panel are pretty sure that the Karni Sena members will definitely attack the multiplex where they would be watching the movie. The panelists had been in touch with the karni sena attackers before n=being inducted into the panel so they are aware of the modus operandi behind every karni sena protest.

The state government is in a state of bother and are not able to comprehend the fact that Karni sena members can actually attack the karni sena members. Karni Sena members have decided to have a proper uniform for their team so that the team members don’t attack each other. Every Karni Sena member has been advised to give full details about the timings and multiplex where they would be watching ‘Padmaavat’ so that their own team members don’t attack them.