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7 entries and definitions from SRK’s Bakwaas Dictionary

05, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Thanks to Chennai Express promos, we all know that Shah Rukh Khan has a “Bakwaas” Dictionary that doesn’t have any entry for the word “Impossible”. But here are some entries and their definitions from the same dictionary:

Chennai Express
The historic moment when Deepika Padukone discovered Shah Rukh Khan’s Bakwas Dictionary

Aamir /aaaa-meeee-r/ (noun) Loser. Someone who pretends to be an intellectual, but in reality is a loser: Here, take 5 rupees, and get me tea. Don’t be an Aamir and get confused whether ‘masala tea’ or ‘green tea’. Just go to the chaiwala and come back.

Acting /aye-k-k-k-k-ting/ (noun) Also known as “over acting”. Process of faking actions while showing them off as real. Also the process of making billions out of millions. Practiced by politicians and people in media industry: “Wow! What an acting by you! We will sweep the next elections,” said the sycophant to the youth leader.

Dance /day-ans/ (verb) Physical movements involving limbs and faces that result in income. This act is employed in movies and during weddings: “Hey, you new IAS officer. If you dance to our tunes, you can earn a lot of money,” the local mafia told a new bureaucrat in Uttar Pradesh

Detention /dee-ten-shun/ (noun) A widely followed game in the USA. It is mostly played by people who have no idea about Bollywood movies or superstars. The game is played by sticking to rules and not bending them: Another Indian celebrity asked to follow immigration rules. Outrage over his detention.

Mannat /mann-at/ (noun) A fairytale palace bigger than Salman’s and, Aamir’s houses put together. It is also bigger than Wankhede stadium: Alice in Mannat is a 2010 American computer-animated and live action fantasy film directed by Tim Burton.

Smoke /sss-mock/ (verb) To exhale hot foggy air from lungs when a disclaimer is being flashed on the cinema screen. It is an addictive action banned in public places. LOL! Also used to express surprise when such unbelievable things (such as smoking banned in public places) are said by someone: “Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have become friends again.” “Dude! What are you smoking?”

Superhit /sooper-hit/ (adjective) A term used to refer to films done by Shah Rukh Khan, Rajinikanth, or Amitabh Bachchan. If used for movies starring others, the usage is satirical: Kya Superhit Hain Hum – Tusshaar Kapoor, the superstar.