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8 reasons why 'Bahubali The Conclusion' is a majoritarian RSS propaganda movie

08, May 2017 By manithan

The second and final part of the Bahubali franchise, Bahubali The Conclusion released last Friday to much awe and grandeur, mainly due to the support of rabid communal Sanghis. This is nothing new because Sanghis naturally support their products and Bahubali is one such product. Here are the ten reasons for why Bahubali II is a Sanghi product:


  1. No Minorities Representation: Except one minute in the starting of the movie where Bahubali Senior ventures into his kingdom, we do not see minorities on the screen in any other scenes. This is nothing but a Sanghi dream of pushing all the minorities outside India. The ‘Go to Pakistan’ brigade must be loving this film.
  2. Animals worship only Hindu Gods: We see an elephant bowing down before a Hindu God but nowhere did they show them praying at the religious places of other religions. Secularism demands that  animals must follow all religions.
  3. Mocking Disabilities: The character PingalaDeva is shown as physically challenged as his left hand is crippled. There are dialogues mocking his disability. He is pushed to corners and treated like a vermin. This is nothing but the copy of Nazi ideology fervently championed by RSS in India. Why not show Pingaladeva with disabilities being crowned as King of Mahishmati? What’s the use of UP government or Modi providing freebies to Disabled people while backstabbing them by not letting a disabled become a ruler?
  4. No representation of separatists: Mahishmati is such a huge kingdom but there are no separatist movements anywhere. No shouts of Azadi anywhere in the kingdom. This is again a fascist utopia of RSS. RSS dreams of an Akhand Bharat where there are no separatist movements.
  5. Homophobia: Thousands of characters and not even a single Homosexual in it. Why not create a Lesbian romance between Devasena and Sivagami? Or, show Ballaladeva as a Bi romancing both Devasena and Bahubali? Do we need to remind our readers again that Sanghis want to get rid of LGBT from the world?
  6. Sivagami is the faulty EVM: Whenever BallaDeva presses her to declare him as the winner, she declares either the Bahubali Senior or Junior as the king. This is similar to EVMs always pointing to BJP even when AAP or Congress is voted. Another BJP by-product.
  7. Flying Ships aka Pushpaka Vimana: The science of Sanghis were on display in the movie. Flying Ships. Bulls with fire horns. Slingshot of soldiers with shields to minimize the impact. The funny science of Sanghis. Hehe. Do we not know that Indians got their scientific temper after the birth of Nehru? Who are these Sanghis trying to fool?
  8. This is the mother of all reasons, Director of the movie is SS Rajamouli which cant be shortened to SSR. Reverse that and you get RSS. (gasps)