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Aamir claims Tom and Jerry show perpetuates violence, dislikes the way Jerry always insults Tom

17, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: While children and adults over generations have loved and enjoyed watching the Tom and Jerry show, Bollywood’s superstar Aamir Khan certainly feels very differently about the cartoon show. While speaking at a celebrity event recently, about TV shows he likes and dislikes, Aamir condemned the Tom & Jerry show as a feature which is extremely violent and is full of hatred.

In coming days, Aamir will tell names of more shows that are violent.
In coming days, Aamir will tell names of more shows that are violent.

“I believe if you insult someone, you perpetuate violence and if you look at this particular cartoon-show, most of the times Jerry the mouse is insulting Tom the innocent cat in most monstrous ways possible. And there are times when they both get together and start insulting the poor neighborhood bulldog. That is too much of insult and violence in one show,” Aamir told reporters.

When asked which particular Tom & Jerry episode does he finds most violent, Aamir said, “First off I want to clarify that I have not seen Tom & Jerry show much, might have seen a couple of clippings, but from what I have seen I must say I am deeply affected and disappointed with it. I specifically dislike the scenes where Jerry ties Tom to a rocket and bursts him in outer space. And Tom returns after few seconds completely burnt black and starts chasing Jerry again. That to me is quite insulting. These cartoons are in stark contrast to my films such as Delhi Belly and PK which are pretty respectful films. While Delhi Belly was a clean drama about 3 urban males, a saga which whole family can watch together, PK was a simplistic documentary on how an alien chooses not to comment on other people’s views & believes and minds his own business. Both films are full of respect for others and hence are non-violent. That is the exact stuff I am not disappointed with.”

While Walt Disney studios has not yet issued an official comment in this matter, many in Bollywood are coming out in support of Aamir’s comments.

Veteran Bollywood producer Sajid Khan has specifically been vocal in Aamir’s support, “Aamir bhai is a man of deep thoughts, if he says something, he means business. And I too don’t recommend watching these cat dog shows for humor. If you want humor, watch my films, you will DOFL, i.e. die over the floor laughing,” Sajid told reporters.