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Aamir Khan attends award ceremony after 16 years, NASA releases image of the actor getting an award

25, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

One of the many NASA space vehicle loitering in outer space captured a rare image of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan getting an award, which he attended after 16 years.

aamir khan

The actor last attended an awards ceremony in the year 2001 and since then hasn’t been seen at any awards function in India.

Speaking to Faking News a senior NASA official said, “Our satellites usually capture images of rare celestial phenomenon and we realized that Aamir attending an awards function qualified as one. So we captured images from the ceremony and released them on social media.”

The image got around a million likes and shares on social media. Some initially thought it to be a photoshop till the actor himself acknowledged it.

Contrary to media reports which said that Aamir received the award for Dangal, organizers however said that the award was given to the actor for ‘attending an awards ceremony’ and not for any movie. “We wanted Aamir to attend the function, but when he came to know that it’s an award for his movie Dangal, he refused to attend. So we thought of giving him an award just for being part of the ceremony.”

Apparently, a similar awards function is also slated to be held in the Parliament very soon to get MPs with high absenteeism to attend the Parliament. “Our objective is to get Sachin Tendulkar to attend the Parlimaent in one way or the other. So we’ll be giving out awards next month, which hopefully will be attended by the master blaster and we’ll get a glimpse of him attending the Parliament,” said a Govt official.

NASA has not yet confirmed if it will be capturing Sachin’s image but said that it will consider taking some shots from its satellite, given that the cricketers presence will be a rare phenomenon.