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Aamir Khan kidnapped by Naxals while promoting 3 Idiots in disguise

15, Dec 2009 By karan_ay

Latehar, Jharkhand. According to the latest reports reaching us, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has been kidnapped by a group of Naxalites in the Latehar village here, where he had gone in hiding for the promotion of his upcoming flick “3 Idiots”. The superstar is safe but under the complete control of the Naxalites, who are now expected to come out with a list of demands to be met in order to secure his release.

Aamir had earlier announced that he would be visiting some unknown places in the country in disguise and leave behind some clues about those places for the common people to spot him; people deciphering the clues and spotting Aamir would have won exciting prizes. The first clue was given by master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar on Saturday, but it seems that the Naxalites have been the first one to decipher the clues and to have got their prized catch.

3 Idiots? – Aamir Khan thinking ways to get out of the captivity of the Naxals
3 Idiots? – Aamir Khan thinking ways to get out of the captivity of the Naxals

In an exclusive interview with Faking News, one of the Naxalites, who did not wish to be named, said, “We successfully decrypted the second clue given by him. He tried to act smart by feigning forgetfulness as he did in Ghajini, but he couldn’t fool us.”

Naxals have not yet harmed Aamir but have taken him to an undisclosed location, about which they declined to leave any clues. “We are not in any of this promotion business, so don’t even bother!” warned the same Naxal kidnapper, who then blindfolded our reporter and took him to the location where Aamir Khan was held captive. Aamir smiled at our reporter but the Naxals didn’t allow us to interview him.

On being asked if the Naxals and the Maoists, who supported them in this operation, had any particular demands, he said, “We are preparing the list. Mostly we would need some new phones as our Chinese phones have stopped working and we also need some playstations as we get bored after the elections get over. For everything else, we have Mastercard.”

The Naxals are also reportedly angry with the superstar for showing them in bad light in his movie Sarfarsoh and want him to make a sequel to amend the mistakes.

When reports last came in, there was no official word from the Government, although tension on the faces of the officials could be seen clearly. The Bollywood industry on the other hand, has come out openly in support of the superstar.

Shahrukh Khan wrote on his blog, “Aamir is a pucca idiot. I told him to make the clues tougher but he never listens to me. He is repenting for having a wrong circle of friends. I wish him all the best and demand his immediate release.”