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Aamir Khan says he skipped voting in Mumbai to urge NRIs in Cannes to vote

16, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After urging Indians to vote through his show Satyamev Jayate and other mediums, people were quite shocked to find actor Aamir Khan himself not turning up to vote yesterday in the city.

He was reportedly in Cannes for some professional commitments.

However Aamir claimed while at Cannes he made it a point to fulfil his duties as a responsible Indian citizen and urged the NRI community there to fly down and exercise their right to vote.

“Can’t understand how apathetic NRIs can get”

“I request Indian media and fans to not read much into my not voting and instead focus on the number of NRIs I convinced to vote,” Aamir appealed.

“We all know how irresponsible some of our NRIs have become. I hardly see them flying back to India to cast their votes during elections. This is very unfortunate. This saddens me and my heart bleeds. They owe at least this much to the nation they belong to,” Aamir told Faking News while shedding a tear.

Aamir with the help of his team even showed NRIs in Cannes videos of handicapped and old Indian people who turn up to vote despite their disabilities.

“When they can, why can’t you?” he claimed to have asked them.

“Aamir sir even lost his cool and blasted those NRIs that had not even got their voter ID cards made,” revealed a close aide of Dhoom 3 star, “He gave them CDs of Satyameva Jayate and asked them to watch it.”

Aamir further clarified that unlike other Mumbaikars who couldn’t vote as they were busy cribbing about governance, inflation, infrastructure etc; his reason to not vote ware more genuine and ethical.

“Mumbaikars need a lot of introspection and drastic change in their attitude. This chalta hai attitude is what is pulling India back,” opined Aamir.

However when NRIs told him that it becomes very expensive for them to fly to India just to vote and unlike him they can’t afford it, Aamir paused for a moment and then said, “Mumkin hai” before quickly leaving for his hotel.