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Aamir Khan to promote Dangal even before he finalizes its script and shoots for it

22, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Setting new marketing trends with every new film of his, Bollywood star Aamir Khan is doing something unique even with his next film Dangal.

Taking hatke to a new level, Aamir has decided to promote Dangal much before he even finalizes its script and start shooting for it.

This is the first time Aamir has given his in principle approval to do a film even before having a script on board, leave alone asking script-writers to work on it 100 times before giving his nod.

“Why else do you think I have released the poster of the film about 1.5 years before its release?” he retorted while bursting into tears. “This time my promotion duration is going to surpass shooting duration.”

Aamir further pointed how through this methodology he would actually be able to shape public’s expectations from the film before fulfilling them.

“Story by” to be added later.

“Many a times, actors make a film and realize it has turned out rather dull but still go and promote it like it is the best film made so far,” he said as he showed some chaunka dene wale aankde to our reporter of the actors who do this. “However through this method I will first shape their expectations, gauge reactions and then work backwards to come up with a script and make a film matching those.”

“I am an honest and righteous person. I just can’t promote a film with full conviction and claim stuff about it, unless it is there in the film,” he said as he burst into another bout of tears.

“You won’t believe reactions to the first look itself has given me so many story ideas that I wonder how many more stories I will get when actual promotions begin,” said an unusually upbeat Aamir.

Sources close to Aamir claim that this time actor has decided to do rehearsals even for promotions.

“He is a perfectionist in every sense of the word. To tell you the truth, yesterday before actually tweeting first look of Dangal, Aamir rehearsed and tweeted it several times from fake accounts, to get everything right,” said his aide who has been hired to wipe tears of Aamir’s face everytime he cries.

“He even tweeted it from nephew Imran Khan’s account arguing not many follow him so no issue,” he revealed.

Meanwhile welcoming Aamir’s new innovation, Sajid  Khan said,” It’s good that he is promoting his film first. But I don’t understand why can’t he directly to filming after promotion. I mean what’s the need to have a script.”