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Aamir's birthday party got over by the time he came up with the perfect way to cut the cake

14, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s birthday party turned into a damp squib earlier today when it ended without the traditional cake cutting ceremony.

Aamir Khan blowing kisses towards his cake
Aamir Khan blowing kisses towards his cake

As per sources, the cake, the guests and even the host Aamir Khan arrived well in time for the ceremony to take place but by the time Aamir finalized the perfect way to cut the cake, all the guests had left.

Aamir Khan, who turned 51 today, has long been admired by the film industry as Mr. Perfectionist but apparently, people don’t have much time to wait for perfection in the real world.

Speaking to Faking News, Aamir voiced his disappointment at the behavior of his guests. He said, “I am shocked. This is really disappointing. I spent 3 hours to come up with the right angle and the right force to cut the cake and when I turned around to announce that I have got it, I only found my wife and 3 reporters still hanging around. I later found out that those reporters were only there to ask me about intolerance in India and had no interest in my birthday.”

“People later messaged me and said that I took too long, what utter nonsense. The baker took a whole day to build that cake and they expected me to butcher it in 1 minute? Would that have been fair? There is a certain responsibility while cutting the cake. It should be cut appropriately leaving sharp, uniform edges. One has to ensure that perfect lighting falls on cake cutter’s face so that we get the perfect image and these people think it is an ordinary task”, Aamir fumed.

When we asked a friend of Aamir why he left the party before Aamir could cut the cake, he replied, “I tried to be a good friend and waited for 2 hours for him to cut that bloody cake but he kept moving from one side to another, moving knife up and down and down and up. It was worse than watching Mela in HD. I just couldn’t take it and decided to risk our friendship for the sake of my sanity.”

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is already planning his 52nd birthday party to make it a perfect affair so that he can leave this year’s disappointment behind.