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Action hero stylishly walking with blast in background, walks a bit too slow, gets back and butt burnt

06, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai. Bollywood’s super-star action hero Jagdeep Hooda miraculously survived a major fire accident yesterday but got his back and butt burnt while shooting the bomb-blast climax action scene for movie “Basna hai teri Dilli Mein (BHTDM)”. In the final scene of movie Jagdeep had to use a cigarette butt to ignite a chain of blasts in the villain’s farmhouse and walk away stylishly while the farmhouse blasted with high flames behind his back.

Things specifically started going bad when the audio technician by mistake slowed down the speed of background score more than initially decided and scene’s slow motions became even more slower. Consequently Jagdeep had to walk much more stylishly and slowly to match the slower speed. At that speed Jagdeep was not able to coolly walk out of the blast radius and as a result suffered minor burns on his back and butts. Although after getting quick basic burns treatment he was seen roaming the sets with a hockey stick eagerly looking for the audio technician which slowed down the background score and caused this incident. The technician is since then absconding.

Cool guys dont look at explosions
Cool guys dont look at explosions

Movie’s promotion and marketing manager Atul bhai Bhole talked to media and provided more details. “It was a massive fire accident, I would say it was a super-nova. Sachchi bolu toh a major disaster was averted. Although we had a lot of expert pyro-technicians on sets and we took each and every precaution, but honi ko kaun taal sakta hai. Thankfully we were shooting in the empty fields and there were only 200 people on sets and no-one was hurt. But I think at least five thousand people would have been brutally killed, on the sets, if they would have been there,” Bhole spoke in a menacing tone.

He further added, “I think today’s breaking news and tomorrow’s headlines should be “A thousands of lives saved at BHTDM sets” or you can say ”Jagdeep Hooda almost died in major fire accident at BHTDM sets”.”

“Best breaking news would be to say “Millions of extras and stunts-men lost their lives in a fire at BHTDM sets” and later you can correct facts and figures, as you sometimes do,” Bhole requested.

When asked if anyone apart from Jagdeep Hooda was hurt in the incident Bhole got visibly upset, “My feelings were also hurt, please note that down. And I think you are asking the wrong questions here. Hooda bhai was hurt, his clothes were burnt, is that not enough? Also when you publish and broadcast this news please mention the fact that Hooda bhai’s burnt shirt and pant with burn holes will now be auctioned online to fans and money from that sale will go to Being Women foundation. Also note down that film’s lead heroine Shyamika will be tweeting some pro-women tweets later this evening, condemning all the fire related incidents in the country wherein women get hurt.”