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Actor’s award changed to ‘best supporting actor’ from ‘best actor’ as he dances for 1 song instead of 3 committed

26, Dec 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: In a recent Bollywood award show, a renowned actor was livid when he was handed over the ‘best supporting actor’ instead of ‘best actor’ he was committed.


The award show organizers clarified by saying the awards were allocated as per the decision it’s highly acclaimed jury took after going through tough & rigorous screening process. However, one of our sources say the award for the actor was changed last minute as he did not dance for the three songs he has agreed for.

“No award ceremony would give you best actor award if you come so late and just dance for one song. It is because of the respect we have for him and the number of times he has hosted the show for us in the past, we gave him best supporting actor award which is no less prestigious award”, said our source.

He added, “Being a thorough professional he should have said, he does not have time that night. We could have talked to others. There are many who are ready to dance for five songs just for ‘’special cameo’ award”.

“As an industry if we have to grow, everyone needs to respectful for each other’s time. Lot of work goes behind in arranging these award ceremonies. Five actors who committed they will come, we had prepared awards for them. Last minute they did not turn up. We had to call our vendor to change the inscription on awards and somehow squeezed the awards to others who surprised us by turning up”, said our source.

The actor who received the best supporting actor award said, “Where is the agreement to say I committed three songs I will dance. Every award function I have attended, I chose beforehand what I will get. Few well-respected actors like me attend award ceremonies, if they do not want, good luck to them”.