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Aditya Narayan will only be allowed to fly in Air India as a punishment for his arrogance: Aviation Ministry

03, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Aditya Narayan, who appears on TV shows and is the son of Bollywood singer Udit Narayan, has been caught on camera shouting at staff of Indigo Airlines at Raipur in Chhattisgarh. At one point he threatens to strip the official. Aviation ministry which has assured that it will not let go such arrogant passengers easily has issued a statement that Aditya Narayan will be allowed to fly only in Air India as a punishment for his offence.


Politicians and Businessmen are frequently found arguing with the flight officials and sometimes are caught behaving in a very rude manner. just some months back the Ravindra Gaikwad issue had made government take note of the growing menace. Aviation ministry wants to establish some rules when deciding punishment for such offences. One of the best ways as agreed by the ministry officials is strictly and compulsorily make the passenger travel in Air India for a period of 6 months and enjoy the ineffective service of the national carrier to realize what mistake they have done. Air India which is known for sub standard service compared to the private air liners has been asked to keep some seats reserved for such serial offenders and provide them the worst service possible which won’t be an issue for Air India as they always have some vacant seats on their flights and  their service is known to the world.

Air India will strictly serve stale food to the offenders, make them wait at the gates for long, will not allow extra luggage, will not provide window seats and provide other sub standard service to the offenders. After the 6 month period for which the offender will fly in Air India govt will analyse the change in behavior and revoke his/her rights to fly in other airlines.