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After Ajay Devgn says he has not seen DDLJ even once, theater owner decides to run it for another 1000 weeks

06, Dec 2014 By dasu

Mumbai. Recently Ajay Devgn said that he had not seen DDLJ even once due to his busy schedule. Considering 1000 weeks was not enough for him to watch the film, Manu Desai, Maratha Mandir theater owner from Mumbai, has decided to run DDLJ for at least another 1000 weeks.

“I was very hurt to know that a doting husband like Mr Devgn does not have time to watch his own wife’s movie. Keeping this in mind, we want to once again give chance to those who haven’t seen this movie at least once, in cinema hall, and fall in love,” Mr. Desai told Faking News.

But Devgn has seen his own RGV ki Aag.
But Devgn has seen his own RGV ki Aag.

Mr. Devgn, on his part, argues that in last 20 years, apart from acting, only other thing that he got time for was to change his surname to Devgn from Devgan.

While SRK fans are hugely impressed with Mr. Desai, they were not at all impressed with Devgn’s clarification. In fact, any of them have taken offence to his comment.

“This is so humiliating!” an SRK fan protested, “Here I have spent more money for this movie’s tickets and time in watching it than the money and time spent on entire college education fees, and there Devgn says he couldn’t take out time?”

Faking News met SRK fan association president, Mr Romantic Kumar, to know their future course of action.

“Apart from boycotting all future movies of Mr. Devgn, SRK fan association has requested I&B ministry to include the question ‘Have you seen DDLJ’ as a mandatory question before newlyweds register their marriage. If anyone says no, the couple will not get their marriage certificate till they see the movie together in the theater,” said Kumar who himself is getting married soon.

Meanwhile Salman Khan claims that his romantic film Maine Pyar Kiya could have easily run continuously for over 25 years by now. It didn’t happen only because he asked the theatre owners to remove the movie so that his fans can watch his other classics like Auzaar, Garv, and Veer.