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After celebrating Salman’s birthday month, bhai fans to celebrate Salman’s birthday year

01, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Bollywood star and national philanthropist Salman khan added yet another feather to his cap when his fans declared that from now on they would be celebrating SALMAN’S BIRTHDAY YEAR every year.

Bhai trying to make a point to his fans that he was born just once
Bhai trying to make a point to his fans that he was born just once

Salman’s army of fans reportedly called “bhai fans” are a species typically found in huge numbers in South-east asia and their numbers are estimated to be roughly double the army-size of small countries such as Tunisia.

Executive Vice Chancellor of Sallu Bhai Fan Association (SBFA) Mrs. Tina Torpedowala talked to media and explained the year long celebrations which the Fans are about to undertake.

She said, “Earlier we celebrated SALMAN BIRTHDAY MONTH every year. During this whole month we partied like crazy and also prayed to God for his good health. Then we decided why not take it a notch up. Let us celebrate the whole year. Because the year in which Bhai’s birthday comes is actually Bhai’s birthday year. Right? So we will party all year round, every day of the year.”

Mrs. Tina’s husband Sameer was unavailable for comments but many bhai fans were found echoing the same comments.

Another die-hard bhai fan Jyotika Mofle was also pretty excited about the announcement. She said, “Well lot of people are asking me that every year is bhai’s birthday year, so what? I don’t kind of understand. Even if that is that case then this means that we will celebrate every day of that year. And so we celebrate for all coming years of our lives. And so we will end up celebrating for our whole life. Isn’t that cool?”

She quickly pulled out a mirror from her bag to check her lipstick and further continued in a fast-paced tone, “And I don’t mind okay? I just love bhai. I wanna say bhai marry me. But I know he won’t, he won’t because he is him and I am me, haha. Besides, he has a secret lover. I have read it on hundreds of blogs about him. Although he will reveal her name one day. I want him to do so, but I don’t want it too. Oh God why I am thinking so much. I just love bhai.”