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After Dilwale and HNY, pressure on Sajid Khan to make worse movies to prevent Shahrukh from encroaching into his territory

21, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai. With Dilwale releasing yesterday and HNY already in the docks, pressure is now mounting on Sajid Khan to come up with even worse stuff to maintain his legacy as he fears Sharukh Khan is rapidly encroaching in his once monopolistic territory. Now Shahrukh Khan is also starting to be dubbed by many as the next Sajid Khan of Bollywood.

Friends earlier. Foes now
Friends earlier. Foes now

With the story-line of Dilwale not disappointing at all as there was none to begin with many are starting to parallels with Sajid Khan classics like Tees Maar Khan and Himmatwala.

We spoke to Sajid Khan about the recent events, “Well after making Himmatwala I was convinced that it was the worst movie ever made and hoped it to stand the test of time. Then came out HNY and even though it threatened to match my standards it failed to worry me but after Dilwale got released I was convinced that Shahrukh would match and might even surpass me in a movie or two. This was shocking news for me so I have decided to make another movie which would contain the worse parts of both Tees Maar Khan and Himmatwala hoping to etch my name in the history books once and for all. I will do whatever I can to protect my hard earned reputation of making worst movies in Bollywood.

We spoke to a renowned film critic about his views, “Well first of all I would like to make it clear that Sajid Khan is not a person but an idea. An idea that a terrible movie can be made under any circumstances and against all odds. He is like the speed of light of Bollywood, however hard anyone tries one can never ever match his standards of film-making. So yes Shahrukh Khan is definitely threatening to come close and some might say he might surpass but it in the end would turn out like the Neutrino faster than light anomaly.”

It is also reported than the next Sajid Khan movie would only have 2 people dancing on the streets for 2 hrs and making silly comments for the rest of the movie.