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After Master Chef, Star Plus to air Dhobi Guru - Nikaal Daag, Varna Bhaag

30, Dec 2010 By Anoop Dixith

Mumbai. After the much awaited closing ceremony of MasterChef’s first season, Star Plus is ready with another reality show involving household work. This time the channel is shifting focus from Kitchen to Bathroom and trying an original format. But it’s not about bathing or attending the call of nature in the toilets, the reality show will focus on the art of washing clothes.

“The format is very simple”, says Prafull Mishra, the copyright holder of the concept, “The participants will be given stained clothes of varied sizes and shapes. They would need to remove the stains within a specified time limit. The final winner would walk away with one crore rupees and the runner up will receive a brand new washing machine.”

The show would be tentatively called “Dhobi Guru” with a Hindi tagline “nikaal daag, varna bhaag” (get rid of the stain or get the hell out of here) and is reportedly being sponsored by Surf Excel.

Poster of
Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie is scheduled to release in January 2011

The auditions for the show and preliminary rounds would take place in a studio but the later phases of the competition would take the participants to the nastiest of the slums where they’d encounter clothes sullied by stains of a million shades.

“Our grand finale would have special Holi episode that would test the finalists with all kinds of stains,” informed Mishra.

And guess what, the show would be hosted by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, as it is expected to help him promote the upcoming movie “Dhobi Ghat”, which is being produced and directed by his wife Kiran Rao. This has given rise to rumors that Dhobi Guru could be launched on the same day when Dhobi Ghat is released.

“This is indeed very creative and first of its kind in the world and I always love to be different,” Aamir confirmed his role as the host of the show. Aamir would be joined by two renowned Dhobis (washermen) of the nation, who are currently unidentified.

Sources inform Faking News that earlier Star Plus had thought to approach Salman Khan but later decided against it as Salman is not very well associated with clothes, especially shirts. Akshay Kumar was not even considered, though the channel denied it had to do anything with Tees Maar Khan.