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After Nitin Gadkari's, Salman Khan’s house also found bugged, fried brains of fans found in house

28, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After reports about Nitin Gadkari’s house being bugged with spying devices, has come another report of such devices being found inside the house of Bollywood star Salman Khan.

Primary inspection of the bugging devices has revealed many private information about Salman Khan, but most shocking of those were presence of fried human brains in bhai’s flat.

The probe is still on to find out how these brains landed in Salman’s flat, but there are already many theories already doing rounds.

Salman tweeted
Salman tweeted “Kya hua?” in response to the entire controversy.

Some say these brains were kept so as to create a megabrain that can be gifted to Salman’s film scriptwriters. It should be noted that his latest release Kick was criticized for a weak script written by Chetan Bhagat.

According to people behind this theory, after Jai Ho flopped, Salman had started wondering why people were looking for script in his movies when it was never the case earlier. He could be studying those brains to get a peep into what his fans think.

However, this doesn’t explain how the brains got fried.

“No, it does explain!” a Salman expert told Faking News, “These brains belong to those who watched his movies, so they got fried.”

Some other claim that Salman’s aides might have removed those brains to ensure his movies are blockbuster success.

“Though I doubt it, but even if Salman Bhai removed a few brains, he is such gold hearted person that I am sure he will put them up for sale and will use the money thus earned for charity work in Being Human,” a fan on Social Media tried to defend Salman while offering his own brain, but it was later found to be already lying in Salman’s flat.

While identification of the owners of the brains is on, two of those brains have been found to be belonging to Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Yadav, which Mumbai Police suspects Salman may have removed while performing in Saifai Mahotsava last year.

“That explains the recent statements regarding rapes and riots in UP by both father and son duo,” Commissioner of Police pointed out.