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After successful escape, Vijay Mallya to launch his line of running shoes

13, Mar 2016 By Sudhanshu Chopra

London: After playing the Indian banks like a puppet, business tycoon Vijay Mallya is set to launch his latest business venture, his line of running shoes.

Vijay Mallya
Mallya running in his Mallya brand shoes

Addressing the media persons gathered outside his humble countryside home in England, Mallya made this announcement of his latest business venture.

On this occasion, Mr. Mallya gave all the credit to Indian PSU Banks for this product launch. “Thanks to the Indian banks that inspired and encouraged me to run away. I would never have come across this idea otherwise. I will be in their debt forever”, winked Mallya.

Mr. Mallya has also offered to return the loan amount he owes through the profit he will make in his new business. “People wearing these shoes will not just run, they will fly unlike Kingfisher planes”, Mr. Mallya said.

Elaborating on how his brand of running shoes would differ from the ones already dominating the market, Mr. Mallya said that his product will inherit the sense of freedom directly from him.

“The shoes will allow the person to run freely, no matter how much loan……..oh sorry, I mean load, he has on his head. It would be the closest experience to freedom any human has ever had. He would be like a free spirit, if you know what I mean”, Mr. Mallya said.

On being asked about the rumour of Usain Bolt being approached to be the brand ambassador, Mr. Mallya denied it flatly and said, “Why do I need some other brand ambassador when I am the biggest brand ambassador for this product? The whole promotion will be ‘Run like Mallya'”

When asked whether he has taken any loan to start this business, Mr. Mallya refused to comment and left the conference in a hurry. Sources close to him said that he was getting late for a party with his fellow defaulters at a London hotspot.