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After Tamasha's trailer, Ranbir Kapoor given title of Bollywood's Rohit Sharma

23, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. The trailer of Tamasha has got Bollywood fans wondering when will they finally get to see the talented side of Ranbir that has been talked about much for 8 years now since his debut.

The trailer which was released yesterday, looked an amalgamation of his past films like Rockstar, Yeh Jawani hai Deewani, Anjaani Anjaani to name a few, with Ranbir’s same act disappointing one and all.

With Ranbir sitting on a string of flops now (Besharam, Roy, Bombay Velvet) and films that became hit god knows for what reason (YJHD), people in the trade circles and film enthusiasts have decided to call him as Bollywood’s Rohit Sharma, who they claim is talented enough to be given more chances to prove himself.

Same wine in new bottle?
Same shit in new commode?

“We saw glimpses of his talent in Barfi, just like we get to see glimpses of Rohit’s talent in IPL and those 2 double centuries. But after that it the same shit for both of them,” argued a fan, “Just like Rohit, who continues to enjoy confidence of BCCI and manages to retain his place in the team on the virtue of that talent, Ranbir irrespective of his box office performances and acting has continued to be hailed as next big things by movie critics and connoisseurs alike.”

“He continues to bag leading roles in big productions only to do the same shit that we have seen him do time and again,” he added, “If you are going to do the same shit, at least be different like Sallu bhai and come up with some new mindless dialogue for every film.”

However Ranbir’s contemporaries believe he is too promising to be written off just yet.

You must see how well he acts during rehearsals. He is just one good script away from being a star,” said Ranveer Singh, who is soon turning out to be Bollywood’s Virat Kohli.

Ranbir on his behalf claims that there are already actors in film industry who are doing different scripts and hence he would rather fill the vacuum created by SRK, when he did those string of romantic films in late 90s and early 2000.

“I have seen people move on to other genres without even mastering one. While I would rather master doing the same types of films, before deciding to move on to others,” he argued in his defense.