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After uniting Salman and Shahrukh, Baba Siddiqui eyes uniting poles of magnet

09, Jul 2014 By gareebengineer

Mumbai. Baba Siddiqui has made history, not once but twice, by reuniting old lovers Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. At the recently hosted Iftar party, the duo was seen hugging each other for the second time after 2013. The reunion made headlines immediately, and fans on social media went ablaze.

Fans of both the superstars were seen lining up today in front of Employment Exchange since early morning and some even came last night. Our correspondent present there asked a 24 years old man, who was a Salman Khan fan, about what he felt after this reunion.

“This is unacceptable, we have programmed our minds to spam anything Shahrukh posts, and now we can’t do it anymore. We have to hug every Shahrukh Khan fan,” he rued.

Baba Siddique
Baba Siddique, with his hands united.

Our correspondent later discovered that the man was more distressed about his ex-girlfriend, who he had had dumped after discovering her love for Chennai Express.

Bollywood celebrities were also seen making ridiculous tweets using the Hashtag #achedinaagaye. While Alia Bhatt used this opportunity perfectly to invite the superstars for the screening of her new film, along with the President of India, Rakesh Roshan was seen expressing his secret desire to direct Karan-Arjun-2.

Neutral fans of both the followers are already asking for civilian honors to be awarded to Baba Siddiqui for his peace-keeping work.

On the other hand, leading analysts from YouTube are already expressing grave sadness about this entire affair.

“We are already witnessing a sharp decline in spam comments on the trailer of ‘Kick’, and with the trailer of ‘Happy New Year’ also coming soon, the hug has adversely affected YouTube activity from India,” a YouTube official said.

“We used to love the comments. They were used to torture workers who were late in office, but now we are worried that these comments may no longer appear as they once used to. We might have to download Sajid Khan movies to punish latecomers now,” he added.

There have been some international reactions to this hug as well. United Nations has already summoned Baba Siddiqui. An insider tells us that the UN has high hopes from Baba Siddiqui to resolve World tensions.

Historians were seen tweeting about the greatness of Baba Siddiqui. One of them went overboard and claimed that if Baba Siddiqui had been present in the 1950s, there would have been no Cold War.

Excited, this reporter reached Baba Siddiqui’s place this morning, only to find out that he was on another discreet peace mission. His secretary briefed the media about Baba’s hopes and wishes for a better society.

“Baba Siddiqui believes in peace and world order. Right now his main focus is to unite people and things that are as different as poles of a magnet,” his secretary said.

On realizing that an engineer cum journalist was confused after this analogy, he simplified things further: “Baba Siddiqui wants unification between things that are not imaginable together, like Rahul Gandhi and common sense, Arvind Kejriwal and politics, and even Rohit Shetty and physics.”