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Agent Vinod and India-Pak Asia Cup match recording banned in Pakistan

20, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistan has banned the upcoming Hindi movie Agent Vinod and the recordings of India-Pakistan match of Asia Cup from being shown in any form or on any platform in the country. Pakistani authorities claim that both of these hurt Pakistani sentiments and make mockery of great Pakistani institutions like ISI and fast bowling.

“This is V for Vendetta by India. Heroics of Vinod and Virat are aimed at demoralizing Pakistanis and we can’t allow it,” a Pakistani censor board member said, “There is a clear connection between the two as actors from Agent Vinod were actively involved in promoting the movie during the match. This is a conspiracy against Pakistan.”

Virat Kohli
Pakistanis claim that such scenes hurt their sentiments

Although Pakistan has banned Indian movies and television serials earlier, this is for the first time that the nation has banned video recordings of a cricket match that they lost.

“This match was different. It hurt our sentiments,” the censor board member said.

He further claimed that there was way too much “obscenity” during the match.

“Virat Kohli was clearly seen and heard screaming Urdu abuses after scoring his century; this is not our culture; our batsmen kiss the land after hitting centuries,” Pakistani censor board member argued and showed us the visual proof in form of this Facebook picture (caption and comments).

The member refused to comment if the censor board considered the commentary by Rameez Raja obscene as well.

“All that we know that the match was obscene and the movie Agent Vinod was a party in promoting such obscenity,” he told Faking News.

When pointed out that even actors from the upcoming Indian movie Housefull 2 were present during the hurtful Aisa Cup match, the censor board member said that they would think about banning that movie too.

“We have already received complaints about the song ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’, which mocks the great Mughal past of Pakistan. This song could hurt the sentiments of people in Pakistan,” the censor member hinted that Housefull 2 could also be banned in Pakistan.