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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, fans ask Arijit Singh to release 50 new songs in 7 days

08, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

Problems don’t seem to end soon for single men as the Valentine’s Day extravaganza is here, once again, to make them feel miserable about life. Forecasting that their heart will be broken by girls on the big day, the men have started an online campaign, requesting Arijit Singh to record 50 new songs in a week and release them for feel-good purposes.


The campaign, titled “Humse Na Ho Payega,” gained mileage overnight after single men across the country showed solidarity and decided to rope in Arijit Singh to help them sulk into depression.

Interestingly, a group of men in Delhi has thrown away the guitar and is posing with credit cards to impress girls. A group member, who posed with three credit cards, said, “We’ve realised that posing with guitars won’t fetch us a Valentine. According to our research, girls are not impressed by guitars anymore, hence we’ve taken the matter in our hands, literally, by posing with credit cards.”

A member of the same group was spotted posing with the Delhi Metro card to impress girls. “Preaching that a girl can be attracted to a credit card holder is sheer misogyny. I have brought the Delhi Metro card to break this orthodox mentality,” he said, displaying his card. However, few girls were quick to find the odd man out and got him expelled from the group.

On the other hand, independent girls across the country made it clear that credit cards don’t impress them, but a man with a credit card does.

Members of Bajrang Dal, who are the most active during Valentine’s Week, were spotted supporting the group of credit card holders. Speaking to our reporter, a Bajrang Dal leader said, “If men pose with credit cards, there is a 100% probability that they will find a match. When they find matches, we swing into action by undertaking moral policing. This is the only employment we get throughout the year, where we otherwise feel hopeless for not getting a life partner.”

Singer Arijit Singh is yet to react to the appeal made by single men to record new songs. However, his manager made it clear that he will not have to record any new heartbreak song for this Valentine’s as he’s already composed a few party songs, which can also be played during heartbreaks.