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Airlines faces trouble as silicon breasts of Rakhi Sawant gets damaged in transit

16, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Traveling by air is getting dangerous with each day. First it was mid-air fight among the crew, followed by eve-teasing of air-hostesses, and now private assets of passengers are getting damaged. Just a couple of days after Sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was heartbroken to see his instrument damaged, drama queen Rakhi Sawant has gone wild after her silicon breasts developed cracks while flying in Kingfisher Airlines.

The incident happened when Rakhi Sawant was going to Mumbai from New Delhi in the Kingfisher flight number IT 304. She had to meet her television producers from NDTV Imagine to discuss plans for her second swayamvar, but her meeting was cancelled when she realized that she had a few cracks on her breasts.

Rakhi Sawant is heartbroken after her broken breasts
Rakhi Sawant is heartbroken after her broken breasts

“Oh Jejus! How can they do this to me? Rakhi Sawant is not Amjad Ali Khan, who would quietly accept any apology. I am like Amjad Khan, the Gabbar of Sholay, and will not let go anyone who does any harm to me or my property.” said a livid Rakhi as she showed her broken breasts to journalists, who immediately broadcasted the images, fittingly calling it a Breaking News.

Kingfisher Airlines, on the other hand, has refused to take blame for the damaged breasts of Rakhi. An official response from the airlines informed that although the company is looking into the matter, prima facie it was a case where the company can’t be held responsible.

“We have checked our records, and Rakhi’s breasts were not part of the cargo. Airlines have limited responsibility for cabin baggage, especially when the baggage is being carried by a passenger all through the flight. IT 304 had no record of any turbulence, which might have caused injurious jerks to the passengers and their baggage. Nonetheless, we are ready to cooperate and find out the reasons so that other passengers carrying similar fragile baggage don’t go through such troubles.” the Press Release by the Kingfisher Airlines read.

But Rakhi is not impressed by the explanation given out by the airlines and is planning to meet Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Praful Patel to pressurize the airlines into issuing out an apology and replacing her damaged breast fillings. Sensing trouble, Vijay Mallya, Chairman of Kingfisher group of companies, has invited Rakhi Sawant for dialogues and has offered to carefully look into her troubles.

(based on a scoop by Charkha Dutt, first female reporter of Faking News)