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Ajay Devgan to remake all his old movies on grounds that the originals will be called classics after remake

06, Oct 2014 By saltywonton

Mumbai. Everybody knows Ajay Devgan has done films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Company, etc. Everybody also knows he has also done movies like Divya Shakti, Kaal, Raju Chacha, etc.

One of the options (or the only) in Bollywood is up to making remakes of other/same language films. One cannot say this is a current phenomenon. This is an age old problem (of new scripts) and solution (of not coming up with a new script).

If Isaac Newton could establish another law it would be “Almost 90% of all Indian specifically Hindi films have an equal and parallel original in some part of the world. The rest 10% are in compliance with regulatory limits to stay in business.”

Word is that he will have to remake his Himmatwala twice or thrice in order to make his first Himmatwala appear classic.
Word is that he will have to remake his Himmatwala twice or thrice in order to make his first Himmatwala appear classic.

In the past, movies were copied remade without the local audience knowing it was a remake (e.g. Judwa, Shakti, etc.). No one could guess which one was the original.

Today, movies are remade blatantly announcing that the film makers and film stars are remaking a particular movie.

With regards to the article at hand though, if we closely observe 2 time National Award winner, Ajay Devgan’s filmography, Himmatwala, was not the only remake of original that he made. He was a part of RGV’s Aag, remake or supposedly the better version of Sholay (which possibly would have been inspired by some Hollywood flick like Magnificent Seven, etc.) One cannot say with confidence if the original Himmatwala was also inspired by any Hollywood flick.

However, turns out after the remakes of these movies were released, people started praising the originals as classics which could not be properly remade.

Then came Ajay Devgan’s ingenuous idea that remakes make originals more palatable, acceptable and popular.

So he has decided to remake his own old movies like Divyashakti, Raju Chacha, Qayamat (Hollywood “The Rock” remake), Main Aisa Hi Hoon (Hollywood “I am Sam” insult remake), Jigar (Hollywood “Bloodsport” remake), Rascals (Hollywood-“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” remake) Toonpoor ka Superhero remake and so on and so forth.

This way, he feels people will start appreciating his past films and his track record will improve.

Rumor is that if Ajay Devgan succeds, his contemporaries like Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty will also follow suit.  Maybe Suneil Shetty will be back in business with Balwan (Indian version of Conan the Destroyer). And Akshay Kumar, as usual, will follow original trends.