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Akshay Kumar requests govt to extend Citizenship Bill to Indian actors holding foreign Citizenship

17, Dec 2019 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. The much controversial bill passed by the Parliament has acted like a whirlpool for a few communities. They are protesting against it, even demanding its rollback.


Few from Bollywood have also criticized the govt’s move but Akshay Kumar has made an unfamiliar request to the govt. He has asked them to extend the Act by making it applicable to actors who hold the citizenship of Canada.

It is believed that Akshay himself holds Canadian Citizenship and has also aligned his clock as per Canada’s time zone. Many directors have complained that he wakes up and sleeps not as per Indian customs but according to western timings.

Talking to Akshay over his workout, he said, “I live in India and shoot in India (nothing related to Salman here). Many think that I’m here as a refugee (nothing related to Abhishek Bachchan here). To shut their mouths, it’s my humble request to govt to consider Canadian actors as India’s own citizens. After all, Canada is nothing but a mini Punjab.”

It is learned that the request has been taken up by the Cabinet and they might soon issue a notification effecting it.

Congress party, which was to date opposing the Bill, has kept a new proposition in front of govt to extend the provisions of this act to Italy as well.