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Akshay Kumar thanks ISRO for giving him new movie script with Chandrayaan2 launch

22, Jul 2019 By AdityaSachan

New Delhi. As ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2 successfully, Akshay Kumar, Patriot No.1 has thanked ISRO for giving him new script for another movie.


“After Mission Mangal, Akshay wanted to work more on its possible sequels. And what can be better than Chandrayaan 2 as a movie. In fact, Akshay was extremely worried on initial glitch faced during the first attempt to launch. He even planned to support ISRO as he was already into the role of ISRO Scientist in his upcoming movie.”, said unknown source.

“We all know how Patriotic Akshay Kumar is, be it anything. Making Patriotic movies is now what Akshay Kumar does best and no one can deny that. He obviously wants better stories to make movies and so he was worried about the mission success”. , confirmed another source.

“Director have the basic technology-related knowledge for Chandrayaan and will now add 2 fight scenes, 3 songs including 1 item number and 1 Patriotic song to make it a complete movie. And will release it by October 2 this year too”, said Very Junior Spot boy

We will have to wait and see if this movie will be made or not, however, every Indian and Canadian knows Akshay Kumar will continue to make Patriotic Movies always..