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Akshay Kumar’s next film “Bathroom” to promote bathing among Engineering students

01, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar has been doing a lot of movies with a social message recently and he is set to add another one to the list. After tackling the issues of toilets and sanitary pads, Akshay Kumar will talk about the advantages of taking a bath in his upcoming film. The film is specifically aimed at engineering students and will be set in an NIT hostel.

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Taking a bath has always been frowned upon in engineering hostels but Akshay Kumar hopes to convince some of them to start doing it daily with this movie. To do the research for the film, Akshay will spend one month in an Engineering hostel. Shooting for the film will start on 1st of August and will be completed by 2nd of August.

Speaking to Faking News, Akshay Kumar said,” I was drinking tea at a roadside dhaba last week where it was really smelly. When I asked the dhaba owner about it, he said there is an engineering hostel nearby and that is when the idea of this film clicked. I was told that these students take a bath only on the day they have a tough exam as they have to pray that day. This is simply unacceptable and as part of Swachh Bharat we must keep ourselves clean as well. I will motivate these youngsters through my film and if I make 100 Crores doing it, good for me.”

We contacted some engineering students for their reaction to this upcoming film and one of them said,” Where is the time to take a bath, everyone in hostel wakes up after classes have already started. Then you just have time to apply some gel in the hair and you rush to class. By not taking a bath, we are saving water, sustaining perfume and deodorant industries by using 1 bottle per day, creating so many jobs, why is Akshay Kumar against job creation?”

When we asked the student if he has taken a bath today, he said,” Last week hi munh dhoya tha.”