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Al-Qaeda terrorists hijack Bigg Boss 8 plane, will participate in the show to promote their brand

22, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Lonavla. Today early morning, five heavily armed members of terror group al-Qaeda hijacked Bigg Boss’ plane shaped house. Terrorists are forcibly participating in the show to promote the brand al-Qaeda in India.

Nobody exactly knows how the terrorists entered Bigg Boss house, but sources say, they dug an underground tunnel which one end opens inside the house.

Bigg Boss
Hijacked plane.

Cameras placed inside the house spotted five unknown people roaming inside the house at around 4 am this morning.

“They immediately took all the inmates captive and told us on camera that they were here to participate in the game,” said Ramcharan Sharma, executive producer of the show, adding that one of the demands of terrorists is that none of the evicted participant will be allowed to leave the house, instead they will be locked in one of the rooms.

If terrorists are to be believed, they are here just to promote the newly opened Indian al-Qaeda branch.

“One of the terrorists, who is also the mastermind behind this hijack disclosed that he got inspired to do this act last year, when he saw Bollywood celebrities promoting their movies on Bigg Boss,” Ramcharan Sharma added further. “Their aim is pretty simple, just to capitalize on the high TRP of the show.”

Terrorists have placed photos of Osama bin Laden in various parts of the house and also implemented their own brand of Sharia laws inside the house with immediate effect.

Restrictions imposed by al-Qaeda is certainly not a good sign for house inmates who are there looking for love affair, such as Arya Babbar.

“Behave properly or be ready for consequences,” a terrorist told all participants in his introductory speech.

Reportedly, hijackers have ordered Bigg Boss to tone down his voice while talking to them. “It’s just an ego issue, otherwise things are pretty normal inside. Al-Qaeda people are enjoying company of other participants,” a member of the production team told Faking News with a sigh of relief.

With terrorists inside the house, TRP of the show is expected to rise all time high, as reports of people waiting eagerly for the show is coming in from different countries of the world.

“Just like common people are amused to see celebrities doing daily life things inside the house, people will be equally amused to see terrorists. Terrorists drinking water, terrorists sleeping, terrorists sitting on couch, it will be such a fun to watch,” explained an entertainment industry expert.