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All kids below 30 years of age need to be kept away from Adult content, says CBFC on Spectre-cuts

19, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Sharply hitting back at critics, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has defended the Kiss-cuts in recent bond movie Spectre.

Parental Advisory for 30+ also
Now Parental Advisory for kids less than 30 years

CBFC has reminded the critics and Twitterati that as per them all Indian kids below the age of 30 years need to be prevented from consuming adult content to prevent the degradation of moral fabric of the country.

Veteran censor-artist and CBFC spokesman Jugal Jainendra spoke to reporters and said, “Censor is a very wrong word in first place, we should not even be called Censor board. We at CBFC are artists actually. Once the director completes his film or documentary it comes to us for further artwork, editing and improvement. During our artistic process we give the feature-presentation an entire new angle, a new dimension actually. We decided what the audience can and cannot see, actually.”

After taking a few gulps from his goli-soda bottle, Jugal continued, “Moral fabric of the nation is very fragile, actually and we are the custodians of it. We cannot allow kids, especially below 30 years of age to watch prolonged kissing and abuses. Which is why smoking, drinking, kissing, hugging even lip-biting scenes are always artistically censored out. However for kids above 30 years of age we can allow somethings but not the other things. The whole list cannot be disclosed in public due to profanity restrictions,”  Jugal concluded and then asked reporters to show him the complete footage of him recorded by the camera-persons so that he can decided what parts of the footage need to be edited out.

While CBFC is known to have caused controversies in past owing to excessive cuts, as per censorship experts some of the censor-artists are pretty strict about their censorship conduct in their personal lives as well.

As per veteran industry expert Shamsheer Bladewala, “Some censor board members are so particular about profanity regulations that 5 years back one of the members apparently got his marriage video CD censored to delete scenes where bride’s father was kissing her forehead out of love. Another censor board member apparently got some scenes blurred from his 2 year old son’s “Mundan” ceremony footage citing “too-much skin show” due to kid’s bald head.”