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Altaf Raja announces new album, Mumbai couple agrees to do temporary breakup to enjoy his new songs

18, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Great news coming in for all Altaf Raja fans. Altaf is coming up with a new album, the name of which is not yet disclosed. And in a weird incident, a Mumbai based couple agreed to do a temporary breakup to enjoy his new songs. Altaf’s songs can only be enjoyed properly if one is going through a breakup or when a partner has left the other person.

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There was a time when people are a fan of the Altaf Raja’s songs. In every home and car, his songs used to buzz. His song Tum To Thehare Pardesi became a sensation overnight. Altaf deserves the credit for making breakups enjoyable. People started giving more time to friends and family after Altaf made it clear that in love one will always get sadness.

Altaf has been getting a royalty from many liquor companies and restaurants where boys used to take their friends for dinner to discuss their breakups. Altaf can survive without eve creating any new music as he has earned a lot in royalties, but still, e is dedicated to giving new songs to the youth.

Altaf is sure that his new album will be a hit and he said ” I don’t promote breakups, but I do make the journey bit easier for people. I don’t have an experience of breakup as no girl is willing to spend time with me thinking that I will soon break up with them.”