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Ananya Pandey : I cannot comment on who discovered Gravity as I haven't seen the movie yet

13, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Ananya Panday recently took part in a rapid-fire round and was asked about an overrated film. Her response has shocked netizens and she became the butt of all jokes on Twitter. She had said that Godfather is the most overrated movie ever and she has not seen it yet.


She was yesterday asked to comment on Piyush Goyal’s statement that it was Einstein who discovered Gravity. She said that she doesn’t have a clue as she hasn’t watched the movie yet. She has been honest with her answers and that speaks how grounded she is. She doesn’t want to give wrong or hypothetical answers to serious questions like this. She has promised though that she will watch the movie and will sure comment on the issue. She also told our reporter to ask the question to Alia Bhatt, Tiger, Varun, and other actors who starred in Student of the year series as they had more knowledge of science as they were competing for the SOTY honor.

She also added that Tiger Shroff has made people forget about the existence of gravity with the kind of stunts he does and that is the reason that she never thought it important to know thet name of the person who discovered gravity. Our reporters are trying to reach Alia and Jhanvi for their comments on the ‘gravity’ issue.